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Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2019 and erstwhile it was an integral part of Department of Science & Humanities since 2010. Department is teaching Applied Chemistry course and Applied Chemistry Lab Course for B.Tech 1st year (first and second semester). Courses. Faculty from the department are also teaching Engineering Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry courses to other than 1st year B.Tech. Department also offers various open elective courses for PhD course work. The main goal of offering these courses is to develop requisite proficiency and abilities to meet the challenges in engineering field to succeed in engineering career. Department comprises well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory along with state-of-the-art research laboratory. Currently ten PhD students are working in the department whereas one PhD student has been awarded with PhD degree.

Department of Chemistry entails five grade-I Assistant Professors with PhD degree. The average experience of faculty members including PhD degree is ~15 years. Departmental faculty are actively engaged in teaching, research along with other important assignments given by the institute. Department also offers consultancy in Synthesis of Organic and Inorganic compounds. Faculty members are discharging important administrative responsibilities like Associate Dean (FW), Associate Dean (R&C), Associate Dean (Acad), Chairman (IPC), Assistant Registrar (Legal Cell) and Assistant Librarian etc.