The Council of Student Affairs is the students governing body that organizes and regulates all student activities. It is responsible for conducting various events of the Institute smoothly. It plans budgets, nominates students commitee for various events, selects club executive bodies, regulates proper functioning of the clubs and monitors all other activities through its various meetings organized fortnightly. Six Clubs have to formed under CSA such as cultural and Fine Arts, Technical, sport, Literary, Film and Photography, Adventure Activity and Community Services. Each year all the executive and associate members of the various clubs are elected through personal interview. Elected members of the clubs coordinate all the students activity under their respective clubs successfully during their tenure. For the same faculty coordinators of all clubs are already appointed by the Competent Authority and Responsibility was given to them to select the executive and associate members from students. Following executive and associate members were submitted by the club coordinator for further approval.

Welcome to the vibrant world of creativity, expression, and cultural diversity at the National Institute of Technology Uttarakhand! The Cultural and Fine Arts Club, NIT Uttarakhand is a dynamic hub where artistic passion meets talent, fostering an environment that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures within our campus.
About Us:
At the Cultural and Fine Arts Club, we believe in the power of the arts to inspire, connect, and transform. Our club serves as a platform for students to explore and showcase their artistic talents, be it in music, dance, drama, visual arts or any other form of creative expression. We aim to provide a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to share their unique perspectives and contribute to the vibrant cultural mosaic of NIT Uttarakhand.
Our mission is to cultivate a nurturing space that encourages artistic exploration, fosters creativity, and promotes cultural understanding. Through a variety of events, workshops, and performances, we strive to create an inclusive community where every student has the opportunity to engage with and contribute to the arts.


Cultural Celebrations: We believe in infusing the campus with the vibrant spirit of diverse cultural celebrations. Throughout the academic year, our club organizes a series of festivals that bring students together to revel in the beauty of artistic expression and cultural diversity Dahi Handi Competition, Garbha Competition, New Years Celebrations among others.
Creating Lasting Memories: Kickstart your journey at NIT Uttarakhand with “Utkarsh” Our Freshers' Welcome Bash, which is a lively and memorable event designed to welcome new students to the NIT family. As the academic journey comes to an end, the Cultural and Fine Arts Club bids farewell to graduating students with a grand celebration. Highlights are interactive sessions, performances and cultural showcase with a bit of emotional touch.
Dramatics and Theater: Nukkad Natak, Skit on occasions of Independence Day, Janmastami, Gandhi Jayanti, and other state or National Events as well as festivals. Activities organised in Academic Year 2022-23 (PDF report)

How to Join: Getting involved is easy! Attend our club meetings, follow us on social media for updates, and participate in our events. Keep an eye out for announcements, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas to share. Instagram (Link) Discover the magic of the arts with the NIT Uttarakhand Cultural and Fine Arts Club — where creativity knows no bounds!

For more information, contact the CFAC team as under:

Co-ordinator Executive Members Associate Members

Dr. Shashank Bhatra

Email ID: [email protected], [email protected]