The National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand has 09 hostels (07 Boys and 02 Girls) in Srinagar (Garhwal), Uttarakhand. The hostels are named on the holy rivers originated from Himalayan hills of Devbhumi Uttarakhand. Based on the principle of "HOMES AWAY FROM HOME", hostels available in the campus provide all basic facilities to the students. Institute has comfortable residential facilities for approximately 650 students in the Campus and hostel rooms are available on sharing basis with two and three seated capacity.

The details of Hostels along with their accommodation capacity are as follows:

S.No. Name of Hostel Type No. of Rooms with seats Accommodation capacity
1 Alakanada Boys 36 (3-Seater)
11 (1/2-Seater)
2 Sarayu Boys 36 (3-Seater)
11 (1/2-Seater)
3 Yamuna Boys 22 (3-Seater) 66
4 Saraswati Boys 18 (2-Seater) 36
5 Bhagirathi Boys 35 (3-Seater) 105
6 Bhilangana Boys 14 (2-Seater) 28
7 Pindar Boys 19 (3-Seater) 57
8 Ganga Girls 17 (2-Seater)
3 (3-Seater)
9 Mandakini Girls 23 (3-Seater) 69
Total 245 644

Vision Mission

  • To be a superlative in student accommodation services with a holistic living experience.
  • To create a safe, healthy and holistic living experience for all.
  • To provide “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” principle based accommodation.

Hostel Facilities:

A year-wise hostel system is preferably followed for allocating the hostel rooms to the students. Hostels are fully Wi-Fi connected with emergency/continuous power supply through DG set and equipped with water purifiers, water coolers, geysers and telephone etc. The security cameras for necessary security check and surveillance installed in each hostel. A centralized Mess facility is provided to the students residing in the hostels. Hostel rooms are furnished with chairs, study tables, beds and lockers. Students get ample opportunities to avail all the indoor and outdoor games facilities such as Carrom Board, Chess, Table Tennis, Volleyball, badminton along with a gymnasium facility for the students to maintain their fitness. A laundry facility on payment basis is provided to all the residents within the campus. In particular for Girls' hostels, a washing machine facility is provided for washing and drying the clothes. For the smooth-functioning of daily routines and proper care, Hostel has a team of Male-Wardens for Boys Hostels, and Female-Warden and Matron for Girls Hostel along with dedicated Hostel Staff.Institute Dispensary facility is also available in the campus for 24 hours. Matron takes good care of health issues of girls residing in the hostel along with the nurse available in the Institute Dispensary for 24 hours. For the personal and professional development of the students, counseling facilities are also provided by the experts on the campus. Institute offers orientation programs on topics such as academic stress reduction, interpersonal relations, time management, study and revision skills, mental health and wellbeing etc. For the health of hostel students, a 24hrs Ambulance facility is also available without any charges for medical check-up/treatment and also in case of emergency also during late night hours.

Hostel Authority:

All the hostels are administered by a Chief Warden along with a team of Wardens, Assistant Registrar, Superintendent, Matron and senior student as a Hostel Secretary.

The Hostel staff is responsible for improving the facilities and environment of the hostels. Their main role of Chief Warden, Wardens and Assistant Registrar is to coordinate the working of all the hostels, to maintain the discipline in the hostels and implement all policy matters related to the hostels.

For any further information/query you may contact on: [email protected]

(i) Hostel office staff:
Sl. No. Name Assigned responsibility Mobile No. & Email
1 Mr. Anil Bhatt I/c Junior Assistant 9760382445 / [email protected]
2 Mrs. Neha Raturi I/c Superintendent 8194024275 / [email protected]
3 Dr. Vineeta Negi Panwar Assistant Registrar 9410947822 / [email protected]
(ii) Warden, Mess Coordinator/Coordinator & Chief Warden:
Sl. No. Chief Warden/Warden Name Hostel Name Contrat Number Email.Id
1 Dr. Pankaj Kandwal (Chief Warden) - 9557750896 [email protected]
2 Amardeep Dahiya (Block-A) Alakanada (Boys) 8500173440 [email protected]
3 Dr.T.Sudhakar (Block-B) Sarayu (Boys) 9410131563 [email protected]
4 Dr. Kamal Kant Tiwari Hostel-2 Yamuna (Boys) 9460095814 [email protected]
5 Dr. Deepak Kumar Hostel-4 Saraswati (Boys) 8791671176 [email protected]
6 Dr. D.B. Singh Hostel-7 Pindar (Boys) 9450924373 [email protected]
7 Dr. Dungali Shreehari Hostel-5 Bhagirathi (Boys) 9557750887 [email protected]
8 Dr. Sneha Chauhan Hostel-6 Bhilangana (Girls) 9557750899 [email protected]
9 Dr. Sarika Pal Hostel-1 Ganga (Girls) 9557750899 [email protected]
10 Dr. Sarita Yadav Hostel-3 Mandakini (Girls) 9410190132 [email protected]