Computer Centre


Head of Computer Centre
Dr. Surendra Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor & Head CCC
Office : - | Phone : 8737896309
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Real-Time Systems, Fog and Edge Computing, Computer Networks, Security, IoT Applications, Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Coordinator (ERP)
Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar
Designation : Assistant Professor (Grade-I)
Office : - | Phone : 01346257562
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Cryptographic Key Establishment, Attribute Based Cryptosystem, Smart Grid Applications, Broadcast Encryption
Technical Officers
Mr. Sunny Kumar
Designation : Scientific officer
Office : 01346-257571
Email : [email protected]
Work Experience : Nodejs, TypeScript, Nest.js, Vue, React, TypeORM, knexJS, REST, SOAP, LINUX, Docker, Shell Scripting, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GIS, AWS/Azure/ GCloud containers, CI/CD tools – jenkins. PHPUnit, HTML, Javascript, CSS, GIT, Python, Flask, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, ELK
Mr. Vineet Kumar
Designation : Programmer
Office : 01346-257571
Email : [email protected]
Work Experience : Git/Github/Bitbucket, Subversion; Ecommerce Websites: Custom Shopping Carts, Multiple Payment Systems.
Technical Assistant
Mr. Vishal Thakur
Designation : Technical Assistant
Office : 01346-257571
Email : [email protected]
Work Experience : Routing Switching; Network Security & Management; Cyber & Mobile Security; CCNA;
Mr. Yudhbir Singh Negi
Designation : Technician
Office : - | Phone : -
Email : [email protected]
Work Experience : Windows; Linux; Troubleshooting;