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Head of Department
Dr. Siva Kumar Tadepalli
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : | Phone : 9893348181
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Signal Processing, VLSI and Control
Associate Professor
Hariharan Muthusamy
Designation : Associate Professor
Office : C102 | Phone : 9791051613
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Speech Signal Processing, Signal Processing for Communications, AI/DL/ML Algorithms in VLSI Design and Communication Systems
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarika Pal
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : Room Number- 110 | Phone : 01346-257510
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Optical Communication, Wireless and Mobile Communication, Fiber Optic Sensors, Photonic based Devices, Plasmonics, Applications of 2D nanomaterials and Metamaterials in sensing field
Tajinder Singh Arora (On Lien)
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : | Phone : 9818671663
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Microelectronics & VLSI design
Tushar Goyal
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : 01346257507 | Phone : 7060530344
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : RF & Microwave Engineering, Planar Antennas, Radar Signal Processing
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : +91-1346-257507 | Phone : +91-9568029300
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Microelectronics & VLSI Design
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : 01332257510 | Phone : 7060621696
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Microelectronics and VLSI
Sarita Yadav
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : | Phone : +91-1346-257509
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Microelectronics and VLSI
Dr. Jaivardhan
Designation : Assistant Professor
Office : C-111 | Phone : +91-1346-257511
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : RF & Microwave Engineering, Circularly Polarized Antenna, Planar Antennas, SWB, MIMO, THz Antennas
Trainee Teacher
Vivek Kumar
Designation : Trainee Teacher
Office : 111 | Phone : 257511
Email : [email protected]
Research Interests : Microelectronics & VLSI Design: Modeling and Simulation of CMOS Nanoscale Device, Thermal Modeling, ML based Nanoscale Device Modeling, Electronic System Design for Biomedical Applications
Technical Assistant
Mrs. Bhavana
Designation : Technical Assistant
Email :[email protected]
Mr. Abhishek
Designation : Technical Assistant
Email :[email protected]
Mr. Gole Balaji Dhanraj
Designation : Technical Assistant
Email :[email protected]
Mr. Chandra Pal Singh
Designation :Technician
Email :[email protected]
S.No. Student ID Name Full/Part Time Name of Supervisor/Co-Supervisor Tentative Topic/Thesis Title Ph.D. Status
1 DT17ECJ001 Yogendra Pratap Pundir Part-Time Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Performance Analysis of Nanosheet Transistors for Analog Applications Submitted
2 DT17ECJ002 Rajesh Saha Part-Time Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Design of Energy-Efficient Spin-Based Memories for Cache Applications Ongoing
3 DT19ECJ001 Varun Kumar Kakar Part-Time(Visvesvaraya) Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Design and Analysis of Nanoscale Devices under Thermal Effects Ongoing
4 DT19ECJ002 Lalit Kumar Garia Part-Time Dr. Hariharan Muthusamy Robust Deep Learning Models For The Breast Cancer Classification Using Thermal Images Ongoing
5 DT19ECJ003 Sachin Tiwari Full-Time Dr. Tajinder Singh Arora Generation of Linear and Non-Linear Applications Employing Active Building Blocks Ongoing
6 DT19ECJ004 Maneesh Kumar Singh Full-Time Dr. Sarika Pal Design and Modeling of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor based on Two Dimensional Nanomaterial: Anemone Submitted
7 DT19ECJ006 Rishi Nigam Part-Time(NPIU) Dr. Siva Kumar Tadepalli Stability criteria for 1-D and m-D delayed systems under the influence of nonlinearities Ongoing
8 DT19ECJ008 Km. Ruchi Juyal Full-Time Dr. Hariharan Muthusamy Deciphering Envisioned Speed Using Electroencephalogram Signals Ongoing
9 DT19ECJ009 Arvind kumar Part-Time Dr. Tajinder Singh Arora Design and Analysis of Analog Circuits Using Different Order Fractional Elements Ongoing
10 DT19ECJ010 Arvind Bisht Full-Time Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Study of Electro-Thermal Characteristics and Dielectric Effects in Novel MOS based Devices Ongoing
11 DT20ECJ001 Rajeev Kumar Part-Time Dr. Sarika Pal Mxene (Ti3C2Tx) based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors: Performance Improvement and Engineering towards Biochemical Sensing Ongoing
12 DT20ECJ002 Avinash Bhatt Part-Time(Visvesvaraya) Dr. Tushar Goel Analysis of Polarimetric SAR Data for Natural/ Man-made Disaster Impact Assessment Ongoing
13 DT20ECJ003 Satendra Pathak Full-Time Dr. Tushar Goel Microwave Energy Harvesting Satellite Systems By using Solar Panels Integrated Antennas Ongoing
14 DT20ECJ004 Vipin Kumar Verma Part-Time Dr. Sarika Pal Modeling and Performance Analysis of Plasmonic Optical Sensors based on Magneto-Optic and 2D Nano Materilas Ongoing
15 DT21ECJ001 Virendra Kumar Full-Time Dr. Hemant Kumar Singhal The Application of RF & Microwave in Agriculture Ongoing
16 DT21ECJ002 Ashish Pratap Singh Full-Time Dr. Hariharan Muthusamy Electrocardiogram Signal Compression and Encryption Using IoMT in Remote Healthcare Monitoring Ongoing
17 DT21ECJ003 Ritu Tanwar Full-Time Dr. Ghanapriya Singh A Framework for Affect Recognition Using Physiological Signals Ongoing
18 DT21ECJ004 Mahesh Kumar Aghwariya Part-Time Dr. Tushar Goel Planter Antennas Ongoing
19 DT22ECJ001 Rahul Prakash Full-Time (Sponsored) Dr. Siva Kumar Tadepalli - Ongoing
20 DT22ECJ002 Kuldip Kumar Part-Time Dr. Hemant Kumar Singhal - Ongoing